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8 Jours de Voyage Privé Lhasa – Tsurpu - Damxung - Naqu – Damxung - Nam Tso – Damxung - Lhasa
In Lhasa - the capital city of Tibet - we have two days for the attractions: Potala, Jokhang, Norblinka and Sera. And from Parla Lupu Monastery we'll enjoy the magnificent view of Potala Palace. We could circle around the Tibetan holiest Monastery Jokhang with pilgrims, who come from all over Tibet and the Tibetan cultural areas of Kham-Amdo of the provinces of Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu and Yunnan. Many pious Tibetans measure the way on the Barkhor market with their body length.
Then drive from Lhasa to Naqu, where we will stay two days to enjoy the fascinating horse racing festival, what starts on every 10th August of Gregorian calendar and lasts one week. Before the horse racing festival, the Tibetans will spend a few days to decorate the grassland with numerous beautiful tents around the racing track. There are many other interesting activities during this festival, dancing and singing performance, Buddhist activities, different kinds of exciting races such as yak race, tug-of-war, stone raising, Tibetan opera performance etc, which ignite the passion of Naqu county.
Finally it takes us to the Tibetan sacred lake Nam Tso to enjoy the nice soft hiking at Tashi Dorie peninsula.
Tibet Tour during Horse Racing Festival in Naqu 2020

06.08.2020 Arrive in Lhasa

Welcome in Tibet – the roof of the world

Today arrive in Lhasa (3650 m), the capital of Tibet, transfer to hotel. Stay at the hotel for adapting to the high altitude. It is helpful to take things easy for the first few days, and try to drink some water.

Overnight at 3*Yak Hotel

07.08.2020 Lhasa

Potala Palace – landmark of Lhasa, Jokhang and Barkhor Street

In the morning visit Potala, which was originally constructed in 637 by Songtsen Gampo, the first king of the united Tibet, and later expanded and served as the winter residence of the Dalai Lamas as well as the religious-political nexus of traditional Tibet. The crowds of pilgrims, innumerable magnificent murals, Buddhist statues, scriptures and rare treasures altogether create a dense religious and art atmosphere that impresses every visitor. In the afternoon visit Jokhang monastery, the center of the Tibetan Buddhism and the sacred land of Buddhist followers where thousands of pilgrims come for worship everyday. The temple, built in 647, is the earliest wood-and-masonry structure still existing in Tibet. Walk on the Barkhor street surrounding Jokhang, a big free market with its prolific stalls for selling local specialties.

Overnight at 3*Yak Hotel

08.08.2020 Lhasa

Panoramic view over Potala, Norbulingka, Debate in Sera

In the morning visit Parla Lupu Cave Monastery, located on the slopes of Yaowang Mountain, was built in the 7th century. It is 22m high and from here you can have a wonderful panoramic view over Potala palace. Afterwards visit Norbulinka, the summer residence of the Dalai Lamas. In the afternoon visit Sera monastery, which was created in 1419 and has always been an important Buddhist seminary. As rose are planted everywhere in the monastery, it is also called “the court of wild rose”. Today still 200 lamas live in there. The "Buddhism Scriptures Debate" in Sera is very famous.

Overnight at 3*Yak Hotel

09.08.2020 Lhasa – Tsurpu - Damxung – Naqu (Nagchu)

Tsurpu Monastery, the main monastery of the Karma Kagyu sect

In the morning drive via Damxung to Naqu along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. On the way detour to Tsurpu Monastery (4300 m), 60 km northwest of Lhasa on the upper reaches of the river Tsurpu. Tsurpu Monastery is the main monastery of the Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Tsurpu was established in 1189 by Duesum Khyenpa, a pupil of Gampopa and the first Karmapa. He introduced the principle of reincarnation into Tibet. He told his disciples that he would reincarnate and pointed out the location of the second Karmapas reborn. In contrast to Yellow Caps (Gelug) the Karmapa Kagye are regarded as the Black Hat. Visit the Tsurpu Monastery, if time is available, hike on the pilgrim's way around the monastery (about 1 hour).

378 km
6 hours 52 minutes
Overnight at 3*Keston Hotel

10.08.2020 Horse Racing Festival in Naqu (Nagchu)

Naqu (Nagchu) Horse Racing Festival

The famous annual Naqu (Nagchu) Horse Racing Festival held every August is quite an occasion to admire the natural landscape and folk customs of the grassland in northern Tibet. It starts on every 10th August of Gregorian calendar, lasts one week. In fact, the Festival is done for the good harvest, the commodity fair and the entertainment. Gradually, Tibetan religious culture and politics permeate the festival.

Overnight at 3*Keston Hotel

11.08.2020 Naqu – Damxung - Nam Tso Village

Naqu Horse Racing Festival

In the morning take part in the Horse Racing Festival in Naqu. In the afternoon pass by Damxung town and the 5,150-meter Lhachen La and reach the Nam Tso village.

197 km
3 hours 36 minutes
Overnight at simple guesthouse

12.08.2020 Nam Tso Lake – Damxung - Lhasa

Sunrise of Nam Tso and Nyenchentangla. Walking by Nam Tso

In the early morning enjoy the splendid sunrise of the holy lake Nam Tso and the holy mountain Nyenchentangla, if the weather is fine. Visit Nam Tso (or Tengri Nor, heaven lake in Mongolian) at Tashi Dorie peninsula. Nam Tso, the biggest salty lake of Tibet, is 70 kilometers long from east to west and 30 kilometers wide from north to south, covering an area of 1,920 square kilometers with an altitude of 4,700 meters above sea level. It is said the holy lake and the holy mountain Nyenchentangla are a couple of lovers, who altogether guard the vast pasture and cattle. Explore the Tashi peninsula by walking around the holy hill, the cliffs of which have eroded over the centuries. On the way piles of mani stones stand. Also visit the nomads in yak hair tents who have been living on the pastures between the holy Nam Tso and Nyenchentangla. In the afternoon drive back to Lhasa.

227 km
4 hours 26 minutes
Overnight at 3*Yak Hotel

13.08.2020 Leave Tibet

Travel to next destination

Today transfer to airport or railway station, leave Tibet.
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Barkhor Street | Photo par Liu Bin
Barkhor Street | Photo par Liu Bin
Barkhor Street | Photo par Liu Bin
Jokhang Monastery | Photo par Liu Bin
Norbulinka | Photo par Liu Bin
Potala Palace | Photo par Liu Bin
Debate in Sera Monastery | Photo par Liu Bin
Tsurpu Monastery | Photo par Liu Bin
Nam Tso | Photo par Liu Bin
Nam Tso | Photo par Liu Bin
Nam Tso | Photo par Liu Bin
Nam Tso | Photo par Liu Bin